Miles of Good: 
26.2 Days of Inspired Acts of Kindess


Inspired by the incredible strength and community our city has shown before and since the Boston Marathon tragedy, Boston Cares is providing a platform to share your stories and acts of goodwill.

What is #MilesofGood?

On Marathon Day 2013, Boston Cares was inundated with people who wanted to help and support from around the country. There was little that volunteers could do on the ground, so we channeled their drive into a social media campaign called #MilesofGood, which captured the good deeds people were doing all over. We ran it for the 26 days following the Marathon and it helped us recognize that Boston Strong reality.

This year, from April 3rd through April 28th, we encourage you to use #MilesofGood to share random acts of kindness, inspiration, and smiles. Be sure to tag Boston Cares in your social media posts!



Miles of Good