Enjoy volunteering and are looking for ways to become more involved with Boston Cares? Consider becoming a Volunteer Leader!

What is a Volunteer Leader?
Volunteer Leaders (VLs) are an integral part of the Boston Cares experience. They serve as a liaison between volunteers, agency partners, and Boston Cares to ensure the most positive experience possible for all involved. Every project posted on our calendar must first be picked up by a VL - without VLs, there would be no projects on our calendar for volunteers to participate in and to serve our community!
Please note that Boston Cares nonprofit partners have an urgent need for Volunteer Leaders who are available weekdays during normal business hours. With more VLs available at this time, we could greatly expand our projects and impact. These are a great opportunity for volunteers with flexible schedules, including those who work the night shift, students, freelancers, and retirees.
Volunteer Leaders have the option to become involved in three ways:
  1. Make a commitment: VLs are encouraged  to commit to one or more projects for the foreseeable future. This can range from leading at the Hale House every Tuesday Card Night, to leading at the American Red Cross Food Pantry on the first Tuesday of every month. As a Volunteer Leader, you can make as many or few commitments as fit your schedule.

  2. Serve as an Alternate VL: Alternate VLs  sign up to be on-call for a project, series of projects, or impact area(s) if the committed VL can no longer cover a shift. For example, if the VL committed to Mondays at the Elizabeth Peabody House can't make it to one week's project, an alternate would be called upon to fill in as the VL. This is a great opportunity to lead projects occasionally, or dabble in projects that you might not be ready to take on as a commitment yet! Should a committed volutneer leader slot open up, alternates are the first to know. 

  3. Pick up projects as able: We understand that not everyone has consistent schedules, which can make it hard to make a commitment, and that's okay - you can still be a VL! You can elect to remain on the Volunteer Leader Master List and pick up one-time projects from our calendar as you are able. This option requires that you lead at least 5 projects throughout the course of 12 months in order to maintain your VL status.
Ready to lead? 

To become a Volunteer Leader, you must:
  • Have attended a Boston Cares New Volunteer Orientation
  • Volunteer with Boston Cares on at least three (3) projects
  • Attend a Volunteer Leader Training
  • Sign up to lead projects!
If you would like to take this exciting next step to become more involved with Boston Cares, then click here to sign up for a training and get started!
If you have any questions about the Volunteer Leader role, please contact us at volunteers@bostoncares.org.