Hands at Work

Boston Cares develops and delivers quality community service projects to engage your employees in a day or days of service.  Our Hands@Work program offers your company a flexible, efficient and professional means of mobilizing employees to make a positive impact in the community. Companies benefit from our network of community-based organizations and almost twenty years of professional experience developing and leading volunteer projects.

Projects can be designed around holidays or corporate milestones, during the week or weekend, on a one-time basis or more frequently, and include family members if desired. Your company can select among a number of issue areas, communities and tasks.  We provide initial consultation; conduct research with non-profit agencies to identify viable project options; conduct site visit and scope project requirements; provide experienced onsite management; photograph the event; and create a post-event slideshow.

For more information, please contact:

Kacey Sanfilippo
Associate Director, Corporate Engagement
617-422-0910, ext. 212