Boston Cares Disaster Team 

What is B.C.D.T.?

B.C.D.T. is a team of Boston Cares volunteers dedicated to basic disaster preparedness, response, and recovery efforts in the Greater Boston Area. Team members assist organizations during local disasters, and build personal skillsets and knowledge through free training. Opportunities include:

  • Aiding house fire victims alongside American Red Cross personnel
  • Trainings in search and rescue, triage and trauma, table top exercises, etc.
  • Assisting in emergency drills with MassDOT and Urban Shields

Who can be a B.C.D.T. member?

Any member of Boston Cares, aged 18+, can be a B.C.D.T. member.
After participating in basic training provided by Boston Cares and The American Red Cross, members have the option to participate in a variety of disaster-related opportunities.

What are the benefits?

In addition to joining a team that jumps into action and serves those in great need, team members can improve their expertise through free trainings and certifications offered by partnering agencies. Please visit the B.C.D.T. Partners to learn more about the B.C.D.T.'s partnering agencies, how Boston Cares works with them, and what trainings they offer.

Join B.C.D.T.

For questions, contact:
P: 617.422.0910x203
F: 617.422.0911