American Red Cross (ARC)
The American Red Cross of Massachusetts exists to provide compassionate care to those in need throughout the state. Since 2011, B.C.D.T. has mobilized with the ARC in response through our partnership program Ready When the Time Comes.

American Red Cross and Boston Cares partner in 3 ways:
  1. ARC provides disaster orientation and membership for B.C.D.T. members
  2. B.C.D.T. joins ARC for local disaster response
  3. ARC provides supplemental training
Ready When the TIme Comes FAQs

Boston Medical Reserve Corps
Boston Medical Reserve Corps is a community-based volunteer program that prepares for and responds to emergencies to support the publis health infrastructure of the City of Boston. Boston Cares' Disaster Team members team up with Boston Medical Reserve Corps to ensure public health and safety.

Boston Medical Reserve Corps partners with Boston Cares in 3 ways:
  1. BMRC provides supplemental training and drills for B.C.D.T.
  2. B.C.D.T. members aid BMRC during large scale days of service, including the Forth of July, The Boston Marathon, flu clinics, and more.
  3. BMRC provides membership to B.C.D.T. members.
Additional Partners
  1. Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency
  2. State of Massachusetts Animal Response Team
  3. Salvation Army
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